Friday, November 9, 2007

Hey everybody!

This is Paul speaking. First of all, I resent what Jess said/implied about me or my jokes. For the the record, my jokes are bad (I admit it) but neither my jokes or anything about me is nerdy or dorky! I invest a lot in trying to maintain a cool image! (that was a joke) :-)
With that said, let's move on.

Today was superawesome (yes, superawesome is a word. It means totally wicked). Anyway, today in the lab began with a little distraction when Rob, our former superlab professor, came in with a gothic hairstyle just to see people's reaction. The best reaction was from Matt (our current superlab professor along with Karl). You could see the "oh my lord" expression on his face!
While Rob claims that he was dared to come in with that hair style, we all really know that he did everything out of his own free will and the whole dare story is just an excuse.

After the little distraction, we got down to business. My experiment consisted of subjecting one chlamy population to room temperature (as a control) while exposing another to a heat shock. After the exposures, we spliced the cells and froze the contents for RNA extraction which will occur at some later point.

Fortunately, all went well. Unfortunately, blogs are more interesting when things don't go so well :-)

I gotta say, though, the sweetest part of the lab was actually looking at our chlamy cells under the microscope. Karl insisted that we do so, and I'm totally glad I did. It's really neat seeing tiny 'critters' swimming around with their little flagella. I then looked at my finger in the microscope. I gotta admit, it wasn't as interesting.

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